Bought a DVD of my favorite movie "wreck it Ralph" :) Can't wait to watch it with my loved ones.... <3

Tried a cherry flavored alcoholic drink :) Good!


Breakfast is like this. As usual

Buffet styled breakfast. You have many choices of bread every morning. ;)

Dinner at hotels room :)

So happy to I'm done with today's work. 2 more days in this week!

Dinner! :)

They were sooo yummy :') Definitely good place for girls group and date. I should go there again soon. xD


Beautiful card!

My friend sent me a cute handmade Christmas card! :D Loved it! So sweet. :')


Lunch... :3

The last day of work!
Maple and cream cheese one was especially delicious. :)


My favourite food....!

Dinner was good! :)

I've been busy with lots of things... I'm sooo exhausted now. Time to go to bed. xD

Christmas gift from my friend!

My friend sent me a card and a towel as Christmas present :) Can't explain how much I'm excited...


Dinner was ramen at SA

Tried spicy ramen with fried chicken. :) yummy :3

Traditional noodle Houtou

1 day trip to Yamanashi was fun!

So happy to have good friends/coworkers there. :) 2 more days in Yamanashi! I'll try my best for my work.



Tried local limited peach flavored smoothie at freshness hamburger :3 Loved it!


Lunch with my coworker

First time trying spaghetti-gratin. Good.

My sisters surgery is done. I'm so glad she's okay now....



My little sister has a surgery. I hope it goes well. My heart always belongs you....